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May Lakshmi, the Goddess of beauty, prosperity and happiness, child of the ocean, protect you and make all your wishes come true.

Since 1988, the Lakshmi® Team and I have travelled the world in search of very special things to offer you.

It is our goal to enhance your quality of life and your sense of joie de vivre.
We are confident that our natural products will contribute to your well-being.
Yours truly, Katharina von Nagy

The Company

Katharina von Nagy founded the Lakshmi® company as a wholesale and mail-order supplier of Ayurveda products in Munich in 1988. The inspiration for this venture came from her acquaintance with Dr. Shri Balaji També, the world-renowned Indian physician, scientist and teacher, the recipient of numerous awards and an expert in Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and music therapy in India. Shri Balaji remains a source of inspiration and strength for the continuous development of her company and its products to this day.

The company’s headquarters are located in Wolpertshausen, Baden-Württemberg. Lakshmi® is specialized in the production and sale of ayurvedic kajal, lipsticks, natural perfumes and natural cosmetics as well as the marketing of health products.

Lakshmi® is the European market leader in the production and sale of ayurvedic kajal. The Lakshmi® cosmetic products are certified Biodynamic since 2007. Lakshmi® is the only manufacturer of decorative cosmetic certifying by this high standard world wide.

The company currently supplies over 1,000 retailers, including well-known mail-order houses, health shops, opticians, pharmacies, organic food shops and cosmetic salons in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, England, Hungary, the U.S., Spain and Canada. Katharina von Nagy says about herself: “As a sensually-oriented woman I would like to help women rediscover their femininity with the help of my products.”

The company Lakshmi® has committed itself exclusively to use natural raw materials. Lakshmi® realizes this ecologic keynote in its substantial social commitment. The company supports, among others, the Ayurveda institute Santulan Veda e.V., which organizes lectures and the tour of Dr. Shri Balaji També, and it supports the future beneficence of agriculture. This beneficence is conducive to projects of ecologic and social effective agriculture. A matter  that is near to Katharina von Nagy’s heart is the unselfish help for Palestinian refugee children in the Lebanon. “Everyone needs a chance!”- says the proprietor. | |

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