Ayurvedic Kajals

Sensual beauty with tradition

For thousands of years women have been using kajals as a natural eye care cosmetics.
"Kajal" is the Indian word for the soot (carbon) traditionally obtained by burning ghee (ayurvedic clarified butter) to enhance its therapeutic and eye-protecting properties.

What was treasured by the ancient Egyptians is preserved here in its purest form: Lakshmi® AYURVEDIC BEAUTY produces this carbon from pure demeter-ghee in accordance with ayrvedic tradition.

Ayurvedic recipe for pure and gentle eye care

In addition to demeter-ghee, vegetable oils, beeswax and carbon obtained from demeter-ghee soothe tired and irritated eyes and give them a lustrous shine. Ayurvedic kajals from Lakshmi® AYURVEDIC BEAUTY contain absolutely no preservatives and the organic quality of the ingredients is regularly controlled by recognized laboratories.