The perfume

1989 to 2009. For two decades the Lakshmi company has been setting standards in organic cosmetics with its innovative care products and distinctive perfumes. Rejuvenating the art of traditional perfumery and pairing it with the ancient wisdom of Indian Ayurveda, Lakshmi created fragrances of contemporary expressivity yet timeless equilibrium.

Fragrances that resonate with the personality of their bearer in ways that have almost fallen into oblivion due to today’s predominance of synthetic perfumes.

On the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary, Katharina von Nagy brings to fruition 20 years of experience by creating once again something unique.

Eaux de parfum / Eaux de toilette

Luxury begins there, where routine comes to an end. Perfumes of enchanting uniqueness, each accomplished – yet no one like the other: Achilles, Bhaga, Dhuup, Lakshmi (pour homme and pour femme), Lyra, Masala, Rose, Sita. In accordance with ayurvedic tradition made of natural ingredients – no stabilizer, no synthetic fragrances. Luxury is what you never want to miss again.


Lakshmi Eau de Parfum pour femme
54ml € 99,00  

Lakshmi Eau de Parfum pour homme
60ml € 96,00

Both perfumes have the same components in different quantity relations: Lakshmi pour Femme is flowery and soft, while Lakshmi pour Homme is more musky and hot. The main ingredients are lotus, rose, nutmeg, juniper, laurel and other natural essential oils.