In addition to the Ayurvedic Kajals and perfumes produced in Germany by Lakshmi® AYURVEDIC BEAUTY, we also offer you a wide range of selected ayurvedic products supplied by Santulan®.

The word “Santulan” is Sanskrit and means “balance”. This is the spirit conveyed by these natural cosmetics, ayurvedic foods, aroma and music therapy products produced in India.

All Santulan products are produced by the Shri Balaji Health Foundation based in Atmasantulana Village. Dr. Shri Balaji També is the founder and director of this health centre. He supervises the carefully controlled production of high-quality Santulan products from pure plant ingredients in accordance with traditional healing methods. In order to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards, the ingredients for these products are predominantly grown at the centre, and all products undergo a stringent quality testing.  All products are imported in accordance with strict German standards.